Chastity Husband in Training

Locked, Teased and Denied for Our Mutual Pleasure

Female Led Relationships – Fantasy vs Reality

After playing around a bit with orgasm denial and male chastity, I researched the topic online and found the expected plethora of information. Unfortunately not all was very high quality and you could tell the regurgitated and spun articles from the real life stories. Also there were a lot of fantasy stories versus actual real life accounts of a person’s journey as well as a number of sites where the person was in a woman led / FemDomme relationship and the stories included were a mix of apparently real life occurrences and fantasies he was hoping to fulfil, written as if they were real life.

All quite confusing! So I decided to write my own and include the facts of the journey as well as share my desires, but only after I have shared those desires with my wife. I expect that when I have reached a certain stage of (for want of a better expression) submissive enlightenment my desires will be solely those of my wife, but maybe not as that would put the entire burden for every decision on her and I know that is not what she wants. Let’s wait and see how this all pans out and you will read it here first.

Chastity Husband in Training

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