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Keeping your penis clean & lubricated in a CB6000 chastity belt

There are many blogs out there about how to best keep your penis clean and lubricated when wearing a CB6000 chastity device. Generally a lot of good information is on the Net and most of it involves a hand-shower, cotton buds, hair-dryers, and baby oil. Where we are living right now we don’t have a hand-shower and the taps we have don’t permit a hand shower to be attached. So here is what I have found works for me.

I use baby oil to keep the penis lubricated inside the CB6000. I’ve tried various techniques to squirt the oil inside the device and what works best of all is an eye-dropper filled with baby oil and inserted either from the head end of the chastity device or from behind and under the rings that lock behind your penis.

Since I don’t have a hand-shower I have found cupping one hand over the head end of the device to close the sides of the opening and form a well, and then drizzling soapy water in the top with my other hand, then moving the device back and forth over my cock vigorously to give the entire shaft and head a washing works well. Obviously rinse with clean water using the same method. If there are any residual deposits of pre-cum on the inside of the head or other parts of the device then use a cotton bud to remove these and repeat the cleaning process.

I have not found the need to use a hair dryer to dry it out inside and believe that would be a futile exercise. Instead I simply re-oil the inside with baby oil immediately and go from there. Of course until now I’ve only been in chastity for up to two days at a time. Today is the start of the first time in chastity for longer, i.e. day three. So we’ll see how that works.

Chastity Husband in Training

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